Here at Navall Farm we use our Border Collies on a daily basis to help us manage our flock of commercial sheep. Without the border collie at our side we could not operate our farm. We were also the home of the annual Nation Valley Sheepdog Trials.


  We sometimes breed one litter in a year which gives me a pup or two for training - always looking for that perfect herding dog. At that time some pups are available to select homes. For more information about our border collies check out our border collie page.

   The border collies came shortly after we got our first sheep. I realized that I could not manage the flock by myself, and Kate, my wife, was not always around to help me. Actually we quickly found out that not even the two of us could persuade the flock to go somewhere if they did not want to do so. With a trained border collie stock can be moved to anyplace anytime.

 To learn more about our sheep go to our sheep page. Our sheep are basically commercial North Country Cheviots and Crosses. Many years ago we started out with purebred North Country Cheviots but we did breed to different sires (Texel, Border Leicester, Charolais, Dorper) but returned again and again to a North Chountry Cheviot ram. You can reach us by clicking contact button below or by phone at 613 448 3266.

  During the summer months I generally participate in a fair number of sheepdog trials in both Ontario and the North Eastern US. Over the years I also have judged most of the trials in Eastern Canada and the North Eastern US, including the NEBCA Fall Foliage Finals.

  I also do some sheepdog demonstrations to familiarize the general public with the great herding ability of the border collie. I hope to convince sheep and cattle farmers what a great asset a well trained border collie can be. Having a well trained border collie means that one can bring any or all sheep to any place on the farm at any time without any fuss and without stressing the livestock. I am always willing to help somebody who wants to use one of these dogs on their farm.

  Hopefully over time I shall be able to develop this site into a resource for farmers who want to use a herding dog to help them in their daily interaction with stock and also for other border collie enthusiasts.

  While I am fairly busy on weekends during the summer I offer both individual and group training sessions during the week - and, wheather permitting, on weekends in winter.